Why Sheesham is best choice for home furniture

09 Nov 2020

When we talk about home interior décor, the Indian Rosewood or the Sheesham wood is the most popular wood used to manufacture various kinds of furniture. The Sheesham wood offers premium natural texture due to its rich grain pattern with durability and longevity. It is available in various shades and gives smooth finish with polish. When we are considering home furniture, the Indian rosewood is one of the most luxurious raw materials.

Also, Sheesham wood are quite economical with no maintenance cost. It is termite resistance and withstand extreme weather conditions. So, let’s have a look at some of the best furniture pieces made from Indian rosewood that you can have at your home.

Sheesham wood dining table

When it’s about dining tables, considering the wooden ones is feasible, both in terms of economy and style. You will find varied designs in latest Sheesham wood furniture in India, which you can buy for your home.

A rectangular dining table with storage spaces, may give you enough to serve a dual purpose, you can store magazines, cutleries, and so on and vary other designs with a plain natural look also adds elegance to your dinning space.

The combination of chairs with the dining table with inclined backrest and leather upholstery gives a perfect set. You can also choose foam upholstery as per your wish.

Sheesham wood beds

When it comes to Sheesham wood bed, the original natural texture of the wood will make it look more elegant and divine against any interior décor. You may also go with varied polish to give it a look of your choice. A side drawer storage and a front trolley can give you extra advantage of storage space. The headboard can be natural wood look or an upholstery be attached making it more comfortable for having in your bedroom.

Sheesham wood TV cabinet

Sheesham wood TV cabinet definitely adds a touch of tradition and elegance in your living room.TV cabinets are often found in two forms- one which comes along a wall cabinet and the other in which a drawer like a cabinet is used. This design belongs to the latter category, and hence, it will definitely look more graceful for your living room.

Sheesham wood Office desk

Office desks are very much in demand for homes, especially for residences, where you have a study. You may choose from multiple drawer compartments or a door cabinet on one side, as you may wish. Here sheesham wood will give an exquisite look as well as durability.

Sheesham wood dresser with extra drawer

If you are looking for dressers for your master bedroom, what can be the best other than one made from Sheesham wood? You may choose from a long wooden structure and or small elegant piece serving your purpose, here sheesham wood definitely enhances the beauty of the design.

Sheesham wood coffee table

The flawless wooden center table or coffee tables which are of various shapes, sizes and colors would totally transform your living area without any huge investment. A sheesham wood coffee table is an elementary piece that helps you to organize your little accessory. The solid wood center table is something you always want for your area.

Most living room furniture design ideas work as well for Sheesham wood. If you’re looking for affordable dining room furniture that is also durable and fashionable, Sheesham wood is the way to go. When you are planning to buy Sheesham wood furniture, always make sure that you are choosing the finish carefully. For areas which receive enough natural light, the lighter natural finish will be ideal.

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