Acacia Timber FAQs

Acacia timber can be described as a kind of hardwood. It comes with sustainable character and this is the reason why it can be durable for like forever. It is also known as Acacia melanoxylon. Its common name is Australian Blackwood. It is a member of the acacia species and found primarily in the southeastern parts of Australia. It is also referred to by some other names such as the following:

  • Blackwood
  • Hickory
  • Mudgerabah
  • Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Blackwood acacia

The thing with acacia timber is that it is highly sought after because of its decorative timber.

Acacia is a real wood for sure. However, it cannot really be called a specific species as such. This kind of wood belongs to the family of trees and shrubs known as Acacia. These are primarily endemic to Australia but are also found in other parts of the world such as Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, and in certain regions in the Americas. There are at least 1000 different varieties of this particular tree. The hardwood is normally taken from the kind of tree that is fit for building items that should last long such as home ware and furniture.

Acacia can be treated naturally as well as artificially. You should never place furniture made from such wood in direct sunlight because the wood can dry out as a result of the ultraviolet sunrays. It is always better to place it under the likes of canopies and umbrellas so that it suffers the least possible damage from forces of nature such as sun and rain. You should always clean it with soft clothes that are moistened with soapy and warm water. Also, immediately after cleaning the furniture do rub them with wood preservative or furniture wax.

The cost of the log depends on factors such as its size, soundness, and overall quality as such. There are also some other factors that are extremely important in this particular regard such as the quantity that you are buying, the size that you require, the place from where it is being brought, the time when you need it, the prevalent weather conditions, and the way in which the price is being quoted to you. In most cases it has been seen that when you place a large order it costs comparatively less than a small order.

No, acacia and teak are different from each other. They are different from each other in terms of factors such as appearance, density, maintenance, and cost. In case of teak the grain is tight and straight. When acacia wood is new it has a golden honey color. On the other hand, acacia has flame like or wavy patterns in its grain. It can be of any color ranging between light brown and dark red. Teak is denser than acacia. As a hardwood acacia is fairly heavy but it is not saturated with natural oil like teak.

Yes, acacia wood is termite resistant. Apart from termites it can also deal very well with the likes of beetles.

If you wish to maintain acacia wood furniture you need to protect the upper layer first and foremost. For this you need to apply on its protective agents such as polish enamels and that too on a regular basis. If your furniture stays outdoors you need to follow certain steps in order to make sure that it stays in good enough condition. First of all, you need to rinse the untreated furniture by a garden hose. This would help remove the surface dirt. Then you need to scrub it with soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Rinse the soap residue properly and make sure that it dries totally.

Yes, acacia is waterproof. This means that it will not warp that easily and would resist fungus as well. However, it is always better to place waterproof covers on the same when you are not using it. You need to know that acacia wood tends to be rather sensitive to moisture. In fact, even the humidity in the air can affect it to some extent. If the furniture become moist due to some reason or the other the wood cells would expand. This in turn would lead the furniture to swell and buckle. Unlike the likes of teak if you leave acacia wood untreated and at the mercy of the elements you can be sure it would deteriorate.

Yes, you can paint it. In fact, it responds really well to painting. Apart from that, if you want you can just stain it and leave it in its natural state. As it is, acacia is as beautiful as any wood can possibly get. Its grain patterns are spectacular to say the least and at the same time it is available in rich colors that present such great contrast for the discerning buyers. In fact, a unique aspect of acacia is that it can change its luster and color with respect to the lighting condition that it is exposed to.

Yes, it is good for both and interior and exterior furniture. The good thing about acacia is that it is attractive and durable at the same time. These are the reasons why it is used in order to make outdoor furniture. If you treat it properly with weather proof finish patio furniture made from acacia would last for years. This is because in such a state it would be able to brave the elements for a really considerable period of time like a few decades. With proper maintenance on a regular basis you can make sure that they stay in their peak condition for years to come.

The biggest benefit of acacia wood is that you get all that you get from any normal high-quality hardwood but at a cost that happens to be a fraction of the same. Experts say that it compares favorably with all types of exotic woods such as teak. Acacia wood offers a high degree of resistance and at the same time it is blessed with long life. Under ideal conditions it can last as much as 40 years as well. You can also get coniferous trees at the same price but be sure that they do not even offer 25 per cent of the quality that acacia does.

You need expertise to identify the species. However, there are a few pointers that can come in handy for non-experts such as us for purposes such as these. Acacia is usually deep brown in color and its natural grains are really attractive as well. They have a warm and rich look about them. The wood also feels smooth to touch especially when it has been polished.

The color of the acacia wood is almost equivalent to teak. It is available in a wide range of color patterns such as the following:

  • pale cream
  • straw
  • golden brown
  • red brown
  • walnut

The growth rings on the wood are prominent and they are annual by nature as well. It grain pattern can be straight or wavy as well. In fact, in terms of color it is a lot similar to the likes of mahogany as well. The grain of this wood is straighter. The patterns of acacia can be wavy or flame like as well.

Acacia comes in two different species such as Acacia Herculo Formis and Acacia Mangium. Acacia Herculo Formis is conducive for wood work, both for residential doors and windows and furniture. Acacia Mangium has very soft fiber that is conducive for making pulp. There are various applications in which acacia can be used and they may be enumerated as below:

  • veneer
  • fine furniture
  • cabinetry
  • gunstocks
  • canoes
  • musical instruments

Some varieties of acacia are used for making items such as the likes of figurines, plaques, bowls, and carvings. It is used for health purposes as well.

The price of the acacia wood depends on various parameters of a given log such as cuts and sizes. As far as size of boards is concerned standard sized boards are always going to be cheaper. These woods are natural products. This means that its size would be limited by the shape and size of the tree that it comes from. Wider and longer boards are always going to cost you more. A lot in this case also depends on the species. It has normally been seen that acacia is cheaper.

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