About the Timber

A yellow and light coloured timbed from the exotic teak family!

Refer Dandeli Teak page for Teak characteristic.


Soft fiber structure, no grains and low density. The cut log contains moisture of 45-50%

Mild oil content and moist timber.

The typical girth (mean circumference) is between 600mm – 3000mm and diameter of upto 900mm.

The typical length is between 900 – 6100mm depending on the age and growth rate of the timber.

Sawing yield is only upto 60-70% whilst milling as the heart wood covered with thigh layers or outer timber.

Normally free from typical defects but carries visible defects as that of Teak.

Colour & Pattern

Light yellow colour with no grains giving a plain surface.


Largely used for wooden flooring, decking and wooden interiors.

Also used for furniture making and decorative veneer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yellow Teakwood sandstone with a yellow base and exhibits wood-like texture due to buff
and pale brown streaks on its surface.

Yes. Yellow teak wood is termite proof.

The basic advantage are:-
  • One of the biggest benefits of having yellow teak furniture is that it is really easy to maintain.
  • Furniture made from yellow teak are incredibly strong and durable
  • Yellow teak furniture are capable to withstand bad weather conditions.

Pricing normally starts at INR 1750/- and goes upto INR 2500/- per cubic feet.

Yellow teak wood is ideal for flooring, paving and wall cladding, this sandstone is a good
option for decorating gardens and backyards.
The heartwood (extreme center of the log) of Teak is yellow colored but as the tree ages, it
becomes darker. The sapwood (the outer area of the log, around the heartwood) is white to
pale yellow-brown in color.
Yellow teak is also highly resistant to rot, fungi, mildew and has a relatively low shrinkage

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    The price varies on the quality and demand for the timber. As already mentioned we procure it at the auctions held at Government Timber Depots, the price also depends on the bidding value.

    Pricing normally starts at ₹1500 and goes upto ₹2500 per cubic feet.

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