About the timber

The timber grows extensively in the norther part of Karnataka in the western ghats, one of the strongest hard wood with a very dense heart wood, next only to Ebony.


High fiber structure and density. The cut log contains moisture of 35-45%

Low oil content and volume with calcium spread across the heart line(stem).

The typical girth (mean circumference) is between 3 -10ft and diameter of upto 4ft.

The typical length is between 10ft – 16ft depending on the age and growth rate of the timber.

Sawing yield is only upto 40% whilst milling as the heart wood covered with thigh layers or outer timber.

Typical defects amount to varying spiral grains, knots and variable colour.

Colour & Pattern

Rich Red to dark maroon colour with irregular grain pattern.


Rosewood is primarily used for furniture making and extracting veneer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rosewood refers to any of a number of richly hued timbers, often brownish with darker
veining, but found in many different hues.

Bolivian rosewood, Indian rosewood and Honduras rosewood resist termites.

Rosewood is a very strong, tough and hardwood and looks very attractive.

Rosewood cost minimum INR 8000/cubic feet.

Rosewood is commonly used for furniture, musical instruments, decorative items and
Two easy ways to identify the authenticity of rose wood are:-
  • Color/Appearance: Heartwood of East Indian Rosewood can vary from a golden brown to a deep purplish brown, with darker brown streaks. The wood darkens with age, usually becoming a deep brown.
  • Grain/Texture: Has a medium texture and fairly small pores. The grain is usually narrowly interlocked.
Dust the rosewood furniture with a soft cloth daily, and maintain once-a-week polishes
with the linseed oil based polish to maintain shine and beauty.

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    The price varies on the quality and demand for the timber. As already mentioned we procure it at the auctions held at Government Timber Depots, the price also depends on the bidding value.

    Pricing normally starts at ₹6500 and goes upto ₹11000 per cubic feet.

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