About the timber

A very hard, strong and high density timber. The Indian version of Laurel family of timber.
Available throughout India and also in Burma but of varied densities depending on the region of growth.

Specially though, Laurel also known as Matti locally hailed from Yellapur division of Karnataka is of very high quality in comparison with others grown in different regions.


Close fiber structure, dark straight grains and very high density. The cut log contains moisture of 38%

No oil content and dry timber.

The typical girth (mean circumference) is between 900mm – 3600mm and diameter of upto 900mm.

The typical length is between 2700 – 6100mm depending on the age and growth rate of the timber.

Sawing yield is only upto 60-70% whilst milling as the heart wood covered with thigh layers or outer timber.

Typical defects amount to large heart-line(pith) and weaker sapwood. However, the heart-wood is very strong. The stem is bulged causing uneven cylinder which in turn causes higher wastage.

Colour & Pattern

Black colour with dashed straight grains that runs throughout the timber.


Largely used for length frames for doors and windows.

Also used for furniture making and decorative veneer.

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    The price varies on the quality and demand for the timber. As already mentioned we procure it at the auctions held at Government Timber Depots, the price also depends on the bidding value.

    Pricing normally starts at ₹1600 and goes upto ₹2600 per cubic feet.

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