About Acacia Wood/Timber

Originally a very hard, strong and high density timber, the species in India has been cloned with Eucalyptus and made softer. Thus achieving a balanced timber just between a very hard and a very soft wood, making the timber a moderately hard wood that is well sustained.

It is the only timber available in abundance in Karnataka with perpetual supply thus reflecting a much lower pricing in comparison to Teak and Rosewood.


Wide fiber structure, predominant spiral grains and lower density. The cut log contains moisture of 40-55%

No oil content and dry timber.

The typical girth (mean circumference) is between 600 -1525mm and diameter of upto 600mm.

The typical length is between 3050 – 6100mm depending on the age and growth rate of the timber.

Sawing yield is only upto 50% whilst milling as the heart wood covered with thigh layers or outer timber.

Typical defects amount to cracks during seasoning, warp-age with higher width and knots.

Colour & Pattern

Light golder brown colour with straight grain pattern.


Generally used for short length frames and shutters for windows and doors.

Also, very popular with local furniture makers as it highly resembles Teak wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acacia timber can be described as a kind of hardwood. It comes with sustainable character and this is the reason why it can be durable for like forever. It is also known as Acacia melanoxylon. Its common name is Australian Blackwood. It is a member of the acacia species and found primarily in the southeastern parts of Australia. It is also referred to by some other names such as the following:

    • Blackwood
    • Mudgerabah
    • Tasmanian Blackwood
    • Blackwood acacia
    • The thing with acacia timber is that it is highly sought after because of its decorative timber.

Acacia is a real wood for sure. However, it cannot really be called a specific species as such. This kind of wood belongs to the family of trees and shrubs known as Acacia. These are primarily endemic to Australia but are also found in other parts of the world such as Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, and in certain regions in the Americas. There are at least 1000 different varieties of this particular tree. The hardwood is normally taken from the kind of tree that is fit for building items that should last long such as home ware and furniture.

Acacia can be treated naturally as well as artificially. You should never place furniture made from such wood in direct sunlight because the wood can dry out as a result of the ultraviolet sunrays. It is always better to place it under the likes of canopies and umbrellas so that it suffers the least possible damage from forces of nature such as sun and rain. You should always clean it with soft clothes that are moistened with soapy and warm water. Also, immediately after cleaning the furniture do rub them with wood preservative or furniture wax.

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    Pricing normally starts at ₹1100 and goes upto ₹2200 per cubic feet.

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