Wooden Decking

Wooden decking has been a part of human civilization from time immemorial, and it stands out even today for it’s uniqueness and beauty it creates to the landscape. They are commonly used around swimming pools, on yachts, balconies and open gardens.

We produce standard wooden deck sizes that are irrespective of the timber species chosen as only hard wood is suitable for decking. The standard sizes of each boards available are:

  1. 31.75×101.6×2438-6100mm
  2. 31.75x152x2438-6100mm
  3. 50×101.6×2438-6100mm
  4. 50x152x2438-6100mm

Our laying process depends on the design and landscape. If the decking is on soil, we place wooden beam posts which act as the structural support to the deck. The size of the posts would be determined based on the expected load it would be required to take.

If the decking is to be done on a concrete base, we then only use joists on which the wooden decking would be done. The size of the joists normally would be 50mm thick and 152-203mm wide with lengths upto 2133mm. These joists are placed on the concrete surface with 610mm spacing between each joist.

The decking boards are placed on the joists and nailed. The process is complete when a coat of protectors and waterproofing agents.

The deck is now ready to use.

Teak Wood Decking

Ideal for yatchs, premium swimming pools and garden areas. Easy to maintain and no hassle timber.

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