About the timber

This Teak comes from Myanmar with a wide range of grading hails from natural forests, cultured forests and plantation. Burma accounts for close to one third of the world’s total teak production. Loose soil and high water content makes the timber grow faster due to high silicate preparation in the soil. Timber from only the Gan Gaw region of Burma contains grains that are close to Indian timber and is considered to be of the highest grade of all the teak Burma produces. However, Burma teak remains to be a much softer timber in comparison to it’s Indian counterpart.

The Burma teak available in India is SG-7 which is of the sawing grade and not of high qulaity. Higher quality Burma teak is consumed by Plywood manufacturers and western world for luxury products manufacturing.

However, Burma teak remains to be a popular timber in Bangalore, India as it costs lower to Dandeli or other Indian teak woods available locally.


Good fiber structure, very low oil content, density and volume giving a pleasant look and no odor. The cut log contains moisture of 45-55%

The typical girth (mean circumference) is between 750mm – 2400mm and diameter of upto 1200mm.

The typical length is between 3000mm – 9000mm depending on the age and growth rate of the timber.

Sawing yield is only upto 60% whilst milling.

Typical defects amount to varying bee holes and cracks.

The timber grows tall and has straight lines with no grains.

Colour & Pattern

Moderate to dark golden brown coloured and with straight lines.


The construction industry largely uses this timber for hardwood doors and windows.

Also used in boat building, decking, Cabinet making, carvings, flooring, furniture, panelling, parquet flooring, plywood, posts, train track ties (sleepers), tool handles, toys, turnery, vats, vehicle parts, veneer and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Burma Teak wood from Myanmar, a kind of hardwood, is called the king of woods. The botanical name is Tectona Grandis. The other names for Burma teak are Pahi, Mai Sak, Sagwan, Tekku, Sagon, Tegina, Jati Sak, Djati, Gia Thi

Burma teak comes from Burma, Union of Myanmar (Southeast Asia).

The color of teak wood furniture is golden yellow with dark streaks when it is new. The color of the furniture can become darker on prolonged exposure to air. That means older pieces of teak wood furniture may not have the bright golden yellow color. They may look darker.

Burmese teak is not affected by borer, termite, and fungus.

Burma teak wood has the supreme quality and high durability.

Burma teak costs INR 4500/- to INR 12000/- per Cubic Feet.

Trees grow outward from the center, so the tree’s natural oils are found in more abundance in its heart. This makes teak heartwood more valuable than sapwood, which makes heart teak more expensive. Moreover, a tree has far more sapwood than heartwood, which also accounts for the increased price.

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