Best wood for furniture in India: Types of wood for furniture making explained

Wooden furniture remains a constant part of India’s everchanging trends in interior designs. The best wood used in making furniture ensures they are strong, everlasting, and require minimum maintenance. 

 So which wood is suitable for furniture? The choices are many in this country. But the two main categories of wood are based on their hardness. In India, there are two types – softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is not necessarily hard. It comes from flowering trees, whereas softwood comes from conifers. Both types are used for making furniture. 

Teak wood 

One of the best woods for making furniture is Teak wood. The most common types used are available locally in India, with Kerala being the biggest supplier. Teak wood is among the strongest and most durable woods used for making cabinets, tables, and door frames. They are part of the hardwood category and can resist heat, cold, and decay. For outdoor furniture, they are the best wood. The Dandeli Teak wood is a variety that grows in North Karnataka. It is dark brown with straight and spiral grains, rich in oil, and popular for Sofa Sets. 

Sal wood 

Sal wood is among the best woods in India used for construction purposes. Sal wood’s advantage is that it is durable without needing layers of polish. It is water and damp resistant. 

Sal wood is used for making furniture such as door frames as it is termite resistant. The wood is found in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh.   

Deodar wood

The Deodar wood is not heavy like teak, and has coarse grains, knots, and requires regular polishing as it does not have self-sheen. It is a softwood and is an efficient type for making furniture. The wood is aromatic and can withstand cold weather because of its coniferous background. Therefore, one can find them in Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh. This wood is best for cold places and used for building houses, floors, and houseboats. 


The best furniture with vintage looks is made from satinwood. The wood is not expensive and available locally in southern and central India. However, they require maintenance though they are hard and durable. The wood can be polished accordingly to get the desired looks. Furniture in warm shades and lustrous yellow colours are made of satinwood. 

Indian Rosewood 

Indian Rosewood is popularly known as Sheesham in India and is a favourite wood for making furniture. It is a hardwood used with different polishes for many types of finishes. Though it is expensive wood, it is preferred because of its durability, versatility, and termite-resistant quality. They are best suited for making kitchen cabinets, wooden flooring, and sofa sets. In south India, Indian Rosewood is used for making musical instruments. 

Conclusion The woods mentioned above are among the many others used to make furniture in India. Every Indian household has wooden furniture built to last a lifetime. 

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