Teak Wood Price in Bangalore

12 Sep 2023

Premium quality teak wood comes in brown and white-yellowish tones. The interlocking interior grains and high silica concentration make the edges dull. The marine industry relies heavily on this type of wood as a raw material. Since it does not absorb water due to its high oil content, it was extensively used to construct yachts. By examining its grain and fragrance, one may quickly tell if a piece of wood is genuine teak.

Availability of Teak wood in Bangalore

Burma teak wood is among the most expensive and long-lasting solid timber offered in the nation. Real Burma teak wood may currently be purchased in Bangalore for a price ranging from Rs. 7500 to Rs. 9000 per cubic foot, taxes excluded. Beware if you find teak wood at a price significantly lower than this range. You can be on the road to purchasing a subpar kind of wood posing as Burma teak.

teak wood price in Bangalore for items, such as African Teak Wood Planks, Teak Wood Timber Logs, and more, ranges from Rs. 600 to Rs 10,000 per cubic foot.

Teak Wood Category

Teak wood is categorized into three grades – Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. The best and superior quality wood is classified as Grade A, and their price ranges from Rs. 1500 per cu ft to Rs. 9000 per cu ft. Grade B is medium quality, and the price range varies from Rs. 1200 per cu ft to Rs. 5500 per cu ft. Grade C variety of teak wood is of inferior quality. Hence, the price of this grade ranges from Rs.600 per cu ft to Rs. 3000 per cu ft.

Types of Teak Wood available in Bangalore

BurmaTeak wood

Burma teak wood is relatively pricey, with a tight grain and a high oil content. As a result, it is frequently used for expensive doors, outdoor furniture, boat decks, and furnishings of a similar caliber. The cost is Rs. 6500 per cubic foot.

Burma Border teak wood.

Burma Border teak wood has a somewhat lower grade than Burma teak wood. If you decide to purchase it, it will run you about Rs. 5000 per cubic foot, taxes excluded.

Indian Teak

The Indian teak wood is sourced from old-growth forests and it is a popular native wood. It has properties similar to Burma Teak wood and the pricing is at par with the Grade quality of Burma Teak wood.

Other varieties of Teak Wood

The most common types, which are not teak, but resemble it, include Chinese, Brazilian, and South American teak wood. Chinese teak is turned into hardwood flooring and is very durable, whereas Brazilian wood has a high oil content and is strong and water-resistant.

Here, the price is only marginally lower than the original teak in comparison. Some grades might cost as little as Rs. 1200 per cubic foot.

African Teak Wood Logs range in price from Rs 1,200 to Rs 2,200 per cubic foot and cost Rs 30,000 per cubic meter. Planks and doors are made of African teak, and the shape is customized. All interior design and furniture are made of customized Burma teak wood.,

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