Why Sheesham wood Furniture is best for your Home Furniture.

02 Jul 2020

Sheesham, or scientifically known as Dalbergia Sissoo, a deciduous tree, is mostly famous for being used in making furniture. It is the most useful timber source in India.

It is found throughout the sub-Himalayan region, from the Indus to Assam and many parts of India, especially in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. Large quantities of the Sheesham timber are available in Uttar Pradesh and the Punjab.

Different Name

  • English name– The Blackwood, Rosewood.
  • Hindi name– Sheesham, Sheesho.
  • Sanskrit name– Shinshapa, Krishnasara.
  • Telugu name– Irubuddhu, Shishupa.
  • Family name– Fabaceae.
  • Scientific name- Dalbergia sissoo.


Sheesham wood ranges from being golden brown to a dark brown or chestnut color with darker streaks that give this wood a rich and lustrous appearance. The wood is sturdy and tough with a straight grain, though it could also be found to be interlocked. Its texture ranges from medium to coarse with a natural luster. The wood is ideally suited for making furniture due to its hard nature and close grain that polishes well and finishes to a smooth surface. As a natural material each piece of Sheesham timber has individual markings and characteristics resulting in every item of furniture being totally unique.

Sheesham has become famous internationally as a premier timber species of rosewood. It is commonly used for making furniture, especially cabinets.

  • The plant is intrinsically warm hence it has an innate resistance to decay therefore it is an everlasting product.
  • Sheesham wood neither warps nor splits, so it is pretty used for making shelves and different kitchenware products.
  • Sheesham is bitter, pungent and astringent in nature. This makes it relatively durable and gives terrific resistance to dry-wood termites.
  • The plant is intrinsically warm Due to its durability slicing and sawing might be a big undertaking, however, it’s far best for turnery.
  • It shines during polishing and has smooth ends.
  • The grain is so nicely described that every piece of Sheesham bowl regularly has its personal unique coloration. This wood accepts hand waxing which gives it a smooth layer.
  • Sheesham wood is excellent for carving and engraving.
  • It’s also used for making doors and home windows.
  • Sheesham wood accepts great polish and offers an easy finish and luster.
  • This wood has applications in marine and aircraft plywood, as charcoal for cooking and heating food, making musical instruments, ornamental turnery and sporting good.

Use of Sheesham wood for doors, windows and furniture instantly brings class to our homes at pocket friendly price.

Rosewood Furniture: Best for your Home Design and Beds.

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