Dandeli Teak Set – A Wonderful Choice

22 Oct 2018

Quite often you may buy wooden furniture but after a short period of time, to your utter dismay, you see that the pieces have lost their stability. There are so many reasons why it could happen. Factors such as dirt and mildew happen to be the commonest in this regard. Quite often it may also happen that the sellers may have sold you rotten wood. In that case you would do well to buy outdoor furniture that has been made from teak wood. Dandeli teak is easily the best option in this regard. As far as furniture for your garden or outdoor patio is concerned teak is easily the best option out there for sure.

A few words about teak

The scientific name of teak is Tectona Grandis. It is well known for its virtues such as beauty, durability, and strength. It grows mostly in Indonesia and India and that too on the huge plantations. Teak trees are pretty tall – in fact some of them can grow up to as much as 150 feet. The leaves of these trees are rough and reddish green in color. Teak wood also contains components such as silica and rubber that are capable of resisting damaging elements such as water, mildew, and mold.

This is the reason why you can leave such furniture out in the open as much as you wish to. The best part of this is that it can be done all the year round. The sap of teak also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that come naturally to it. This is the reason why teak is so well known to resist harmful entities such as termites and various other diseases that may affect other kinds of wooden furniture. No matter what kind of teak you buy you will see that it has natural oils.

It is these natural oils that make teak offer such a high degree of resistance to moisture. This is also one reason why it will not rot for many years to come. This is applicable even if you take no or very little care of it. However, it also needs to be acknowledged in this context that teak can be a tad bit of expensive and this is the reason why you need to understand a few things about teak before you buy any such piece of furniture with your money. Keep in mind that this is necessary for all kinds of teak furniture.

The grades of teak

There are three grades of teak – A, B, and C. Obviously, it goes without saying that grade A is the best among them. It is the most mature among them and immensely dense as well. It is very rare for such wood to have knots. Since it is a rare quality wood it is in rather high demand as well.

Apart from this you also need to check its moisture content – the least it is the better it is. You also need to take proper care and maintenance of such wood.

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