How Yellow Teak Will Add Grace To Your Furniture In Garden?

There are a few things that you need to know and keep in mind about yellow teak before you decide to have such furniture made from such wood in your garden. Yellow teak is basically a light yellow colored timber that belongs to the teak family, one which can be called exotic in the truest sense of the term. Normally such wood does not have any grains and this is what gives it such a plain surface thus making it an ideal option for furniture and the like. Apart from furniture, yellow teak is also used a lot in order to make wooden flooring, wooden interiors, and decking. Yellow teak is used to make decorative veneer as well.

Easy maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of having yellow teak furniture for your garden is that it is really easy to maintain. It does not really matter as to what type of product it is. It could be oiled, stained, varnished, or shellacked. But you would find it really easy to clean and maintain such furniture in your garden. In fact, even if you bought yellow teak furniture in an unfinished state you would see that it is quite easy to clean and maintain.

Strength and durability

Garden furniture made from yellow teak would be incredibly strong and durable. This is something that you can be absolutely sure about. Since it is a hardwood with tight grain it is so strong. Apart from that, this wood comes with a high degree of flexibility. It also has natural oils that help it by stopping it from becoming brittle. It has normally been seen that furniture built from teak lasts a really long time. It is also capable of dealing with a lot of traffic as well as taking on a lot of load.

Stands up against bad weather

One of the most brilliant aspects of having yellow teak furniture is that it can capably withstand pretty bad weather conditions. This is perhaps one reason why over the years people have used yellow teak in order to build their boats. Once again it is the inherent properties of the wood such as its natural oils and tight grain that come in so handy in this regard. In fact, these are the reasons why it can resist rotting and water to such an extent. This is applicable even when it is in a raw state.


Garden furniture made from yellow teak can easily resist mold and infestation by insects. Once again the credit goes to the natural oils of teak that make it so resistant to water. It is these oils that help teak furniture repel insects such as termites and fungi as well. When it comes to choosing wooden furniture this is an important criterion for sure. These days it has become easier to find sustainable furniture made from teak. It is an eco-friendly product and this helps a lot as well. More important than anything else it looks beautiful no matter where you place it.

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