How Burma Teak Can Make Your Indoor Furniture Perfect And Durable?

12 Sep 2018

Burma teak is what its name suggests it to be. It is a variety of teak wood that comes to you from Myanmar, a country that is located in Southeast Asia. It was formerly known as Burma. It is also known as the king of woods. As far as raw materials used for building furniture are considered it is said that it does not get any better than Burma teak. When you buy this product from a top company you can be sure that you would get the finest product out there in terms of quality.

What are the uses of teak wood?

The good thing about the best purveyors of such products is that you get a wide range of options to choose from. These are available in a wide array of cut sizes that can be used for different kinds of applications such as flooring, various types of furniture, and claddings to name a few. When it comes to household furniture there is a lot that you can do with Burma teak. You can make doors, shutters, and window frames.

Apart from this Burma teak can also be used to make decks in ships and yachts as well as the furniture being used in such vessels.

What are the plus points of Burma teak?

Burma teak is highly popular because of the fact that it is durable and resistant to water. It is exceptional when it comes to areas such as retaining its shape. Suffice to say, it is naturally durable as well. Burma teak is capable of giving your furniture a royal look and an aesthetic appeal unlike any other material. With this kind of wood you can get the kind of finish that you are looking for.

Burma teak also comes with a surface that is as smoothly polished as it can be. This kind of wood is easy to handle as well. It can also be polished quite easily. This would also imply that it is extremely easy to work with this kind of wood. For example, if you wanted carved designs to be created on your Burma teak product it would be pretty easy to do so. Since this is a hard wood it can resist termites pretty easily as well.

At the same time, this kind of teak also resists attacks from other pests such as white ants and other kinds of insects quite easily. Burma teak also has solid fibre content as well as significant amount of elasticity. This is why doing woodwork on this kind of teak is such a smooth experience. In fact, this is also one major reason why wood workers are able to create such a diverse array of products with Burma teak. Since it is very durable and strong it requires very little by way of maintenance. All you need for your teak furniture to have long life is to clean it on a regular basis with cloth. If you wish to retain its shine make sure you keep re-polishing the product after a few years.

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